Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate (Large – 36″)

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Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate (Large - 36") Confidence
Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate (Large - 36") Confidence

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and still maintain their natural desire to live in a den. A crate will not only provide your dog his own space, but is also a useful tool for house training, protection and transport.

Lightweight, sturdy and easy to clean, the Confidence Pet Dog Crate is one your dog will love and relax with his or her toys.

Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate (Large - 36")

Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate (Large - 36") Confidence    Confidence Pet 2 Door Dog Cage Crate (Large - 36") Confidence

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  • Black scratch-resistant steel tray, Used by breeders and vets
  • Long-lasting durable frame and mesh, Slide out tray
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Small: 24.8" x 17.3" x 20.5", Medium: 30.5" x 19.1" x 22.4", Large: 36.4" x 22.6" x 25.8"
  • X Large: 42.1" x 27.6" x 31.1", 2X Large: 48" x 29.3" x 32.3"

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Guide To Dog Crates

A dog crate is really important for any new pet dog owner . Whether or not you have just brought home a new puppy or a fully grown four-legged friend , getting a safe and sound enclosure with you is essential . Gnawing or other undesirable behavior are natural for very young dogs since they need to become aware of anything in their brand new area and you simply cannot always keep watch on your new addition to your household .

Using an ideal dog crate will make sure of that your canine friend or young puppy has a safe and sound location to go when you are concerned with performing household projects or even not at home . Pet dogs instinctively enjoy smaller sized and cosy den like places as long as you introduce a dog crate without instilling fear or punishment they will likely appreciate their time inside it .

A variety of crates now are provided with two doors to allow for much easier access in addition to letting you tuck the crate in several positions for instance against a wall or in the back of an Truck or minivan . Adjustable divider panels are a fantastic decision if you are planning to decide to purchase a crate which may be workable throughout your dogs development .

Choose the most well-built enclosure you can afford with latches designed to resist your dogs capabilities . It surely is not uncommon for certain dogs to be capable to figure out ways to open uncomplicated latch devices . Other great features to watch out for include things like leak proof trays in the event of mishaps and carrying handles for small to medium sized crates .

Readily look at the item info completely to see if the size is suitable for your dog . Customer reviews and rankings are a good way to get extra info about a particular product as well as to see just what exactly previous purchasers encountered both positive and negative .