Omlet Fido Studio 24″ Luxury Dog Crate / Dog Bed with Wardrobe – Walnut

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Omlet Fido Studio 24" Luxury Dog Crate / Dog Bed with Wardrobe - Walnut Omlet
Omlet Fido Studio 24" Luxury Dog Crate / Dog Bed with Wardrobe - Walnut Omlet

With the innovative Fido dog crate, your dog will have a comfortable and durable home for life. Whether you want a quality indoor house for your adult dog that is more than just a bed on the floor or you're trying to train a puppy, the Fido dog house offers everything your pet needs to feel safe, secure, and part of the family.

The Fido Studio looks great in any roomBoth the Fido Studio 24 and the Fido Studio 36 dog crates are the perfect size to be used as a side table in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Unlike a normal dog crate, you'll want to put your Fido on display!

The best way to train your puppy is with a crate Using a crate to help train your puppy or dog is recommended by vets and professional dog trainers all over the world. In fact, if you're buying your puppy from a breeder then they will probably have already used a crate and will recommend continuing to do so.

Safe and secure The Fido Studio is a great way to quickly secure your pet when you have visitors or perhaps young children who aren't used to being around dogs. The latches are specially designed to lock in place when folded down. The heavy duty wire is coated with a durable black coating that looks chic and sophisticated.

The first dog house with a fitted wardrobe Until now, dogs and a tidy home have not necessarily gone together. The fitted wardrobe for the Fido Studio changes all that. The wardrobe integrates beautifully with the Fido dog crate to create an elegant and incredibly practical solution, and can be positioned on either the left or right side of your fido for complete flexibility.

Comes with 2 doors for easy access The Fido Studio has a door in both sides so you can place it either along or at right angles to a wall and still have easy access.

Please note that the Fido Bed, Tray, and Wardrobe are optional accessories.

Omlet Fido Studio 24" Luxury Dog Crate/Dog Bed with Wardrobe - Walnut

Omlet Fido Studio 24" Luxury Dog Crate / Dog Bed with Wardrobe - Walnut Omlet    Omlet Fido Studio 24" Luxury Dog Crate / Dog Bed with Wardrobe - Walnut Omlet

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Dog Crate Guide

A dog crate is really important for any new puppy owner . Regardless of whether you have just brought home a pup or perhaps a grown-up dog , acquiring a safe and sound enclosure at hand is really important . Chewing and other damaging behaviors are typical for small pups as they really need to learn more about every detail in their new habitat and you are not able to always keep watch on your new addition to your family .

Getting an excellent dog crate ensure that your puppy or pup possesses a safe area to go if you are pre-occupied undertaking your household duties or perhaps out and about . Puppies intuitively enjoy smaller sized and comfortable den like places as long as you introduce a dog crate without instilling fear or punishment they will be willing to appreciate their time inside it .

A good number of crates now are obtainable with a pair of doors to permit convenient entry as well as enabling you to situate the crate in different positions including against a wall or even in the back of an SUV or minivan . Changeable divider panels are a good solution if you are planning to obtain a crate that is to be workable in the course of your dogs growth .

Lookout for the most sturdy enclosure you can pay for with latches that are designed to endure your dogs abilities . It is certainly not unusual for certain dogs to be capable to find out methods to create simple latch devices . Additional good features to take into consideration include leak proof trays in case of mishaps and carrying handles for smaller sized crates .

Always look through the item descriptions thoroughly to determine whether the over all size is suitable for your dog . Buyer evaluations and evaluations are a good way to discover more information on a specific product as well as to know things former purchasers observed both bad and good .