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A dog crate is essential for every new dog owner. Whether you have just brought home a puppy or an adult dog, having a safe and secure enclosure handy is important. Chewing and other destructive habits are natural for young puppies as they want to discover everything in their new environment and you cannot always keep watch on your new addition to your family.

Having a good dog crate will ensure that your dog or puppy has a safe place to go when you are busy doing household chores or away from home. Dogs instinctively like small and cozy den like spaces so if you introduce a dog crate without instilling fear or punishment they will enjoy their time inside it.

Many crates are now available with two doors to allow for easier access as well as letting you place the crate in different positions such as against a wall or in the back of an SUV or minivan. Adjustable divider panels are a great option if you want to buy a crate that will be usable throughout your dogs growth.

Look for the most sturdy enclosure you can afford with latches that will withstand your dogs abilities. It is not unheard of for some dogs to be able to figure out ways to open simple latch mechanisms. Other nice features to look for include leak proof trays in case of accidents and carrying handles for smaller crates.

Always read the product descriptions carefully to determine if the size is suitable for your dog. User reviews and ratings are a great way to get more information on a particular product and to see what previous buyers found both good and bad.

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